Looking For A Child Custody Attorney? Here’s 3 Things To Help

Getting divorced is one thing, but having to fight for custody of your children is another. Instead of having to worry about whether you are going to be able to see your children or not, you can turn to an attorney to help get you the custody terms you want. As you try to find a child custody attorney who is going to work for your needs, go through the following tips.

Look into a lawyer's experience with cases like yours.

One of the first things you need to look at is whether the attorney has adequate experience dealing with child custody cases. A divorce lawyer isn't the same as a child custody lawyer. While both deal with family law cases, there is a big difference in a custody battle versus just getting divorced. You need an attorney who has handled custody cases and possibly has children of their own at home. This ensures you are getting someone who knows what you are going through and how to best help your specific situation.

Discuss extenuating circumstances.

While some custody cases are pretty cut and dry, others can be quite complex. If you have a situation where one of your children has special needs or your ex does drugs and drinks around the children, you need to make sure your child's needs are being taken care of at all times. Your lawyer will need to know this information when going to court on your case. That way, they can better fight for your rights and prevent you from being taken advantage of in court. Anything that is out of the ordinary needs to be discussed with your attorney beforehand so they can better come up with a solid defense in your favor.

Be prepared to ask questions.

Before meeting with the lawyer, compile a list of questions you might have. Here are some top questions to ask:

* What does it take to get custody of the children permanently?

* How long is this court battle going to last?

* Is there a way to get more parenting time with the children?

* What can ruin the chances of full custody?

* What can be done to improve the chances of getting custody?

By going through the tips above, you can better determine which attorney is going to best meet your needs. You don't want to settle for anyone just to have someone there. You need to feel comfortable in who you choose.