Divorcing A Cheating Spouse: The Grounds For Filing & How A Lawyer Can Help

Are you tired of your cheating spouse refusing to sign divorce papers? You can hire a lawyer to help you through the situation because you can still move forward with a divorce in Canada when a spouse does not agree with it. In this article, you learn about the grounds for filing a divorce and how a lawyer can help you come out on top. What are the Grounds for Filing a Divorce? Read More 

Benefits Of Setting Up A Trust – Even If You’re Not Wealthy

The media often portrays "trust fund kids" as entitled heirs to gigantic fortunes, making it seem like the only people who can set up trusts are the fabulously wealthy. However, any person with assets can have a trust set up so that you can monitor how and when your money is spent by the recipients. Lawyers can help establish the trust and advise on the particulars, but it's still helpful to know some of the key benefits of setting up a trust. Read More 

Wading Through Custody Differences With Your Estranged Co-Parent

When you marry a partner, you expect that you will spend the rest of your days with this person. You start to build your life, establish a combined existence, and start to have a family. Unfortunately, the picture perfect dream of family life can become fractured easily, and you never know when the person you chose to have children with can become the person that you no longer wish to be around. Read More 

Impaired Driving Charges And What You Can Expect Legally

Drinking and driving is a lot more common than you might think. More than 1,000 drinking and driving related deaths happen each year in Canada. This does not even account for the many charges that are issued each year without accidents occurring. Because of the widespread problem of drinking and driving, you can bet that the prosecution will come to court prepared if you get charged with impaired driving. Read on to learn what you should know about facing an impaired driving charge in a court of law. Read More