Things A Family Can Do To Help Someone In A Canadian Jail

When a family member is arrested, the people at home have to become actively involved. Their aid can possibly make the difference between the incarcerated going free or not. Here are some things a family should do to be of service to their loved one facing charges in Canada. Remain Calm and Do Something Somebody must remain level-headed in the midst of what is sure to be a lot of confusion. Read More 

Navigating The ICBC Claims Process

Are you a resident of British Columbia that has recently been in an auto accident? Have you been directed to the ICBC to file a claim, but you have no idea where to start? The ICBC is considered a provincial Crown corporation that was established in order to provide insurance to British Columbia residents, as well as provide licenses and registration. Because of this, the ICBC is responsible for handling auto insurance claims regarding accidents and other damage to a vehicle. Read More 

3 Tips That May Help You Avoid Future Business Legal Troubles

No one wants the hassle of dealing with a lawsuit. Whether you are getting sued or doing the suing, it is a time consuming, stressful experience. If dealing with legal troubles is at the bottom of your to-do list, here is some advice that may help you avoid the need for legal action in the future.  Some ways to avoid legal troubles is just common sense. Thinking before you act, not arguing with law enforcement officers, and making sure to fulfill your tax obligations are things most everyone knows to do. Read More 

Will You Qualify For Debt Consolidation?

Debt consolidation is essentially a financial institution loan created to include a lump sum of personal debt. In other words, multiple past due bills can combine into one bill to simplify monthly payments. In exchange, the financial institution charges interest on the loan, which increases the total amount of money owed. But debt consolidation is still a good option for those who are struggling and qualify for the assistance. What qualifies a person for debt consolidation? Read More 

Hurt In A Zombie Apocalypse? Why You Need A Lawyer To Help You Get Restitution From The Undead

If you've been involved in a zombie apocalypse, it's unlikely that you made it out of the melee unscathed.  The constant running, the fearful watching and the throngs of hungry zombies vigorously following you around is a lot to take, and you now have the battle scars to prove it.  Whether you broke a leg while giving chase, or sustained more serious injuries in your quest to stay alive, it's important for you to be probably compensated for the medical issues that you're now dealing with. Read More