Learn How You Can Help Your Injury Lawyer Win Your Case

Hiring a personal injury lawyer can greatly improve your chances of successfully collecting the settlement that you deserve. However, the steps you choose to take directly after being involved in a car accident will often determine just how likely your lawyer is to succeed in negotiating a fair settlement for your injuries. This is because much of the evidence that will be needed to prove your injury claim will be lost forever within hours or even minutes of your accident occurring. Read More 

3 Ways To Make A Divorce Easier On Children

A divorce is a tough time for a family, even if you and your spouse are amicable about the end of your romantic relationship. But the process is particularly hard for young children who might not fully understand what divorce means for their lives and future interactions with their parents. Here are three key ways to make divorce easier on children. Consult a Family Lawyer Early You don't need a lawyer to complete a divorce in Canada, but consulting with a family lawyer as soon as divorce is mentioned can help ease the transition for your children. Read More 

Essential Steps To Take After You Are Injured In An Auto Accident

The unexpected nature of a car accident makes the event scary and stressful. It is bad enough to be in the middle of the road or in an intersection with a damaged car--add in your injuries, and dealing with the aftermath of an accident can be tedious. One thing to remember is the fact that if you are injured in an auto accident that way not your fault, you are entitled to compensation for vehicle damage, medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Read More 

Expats: How To Import And Register Your Car In Canada

If you're moving to Canada from the United States, it may be possible for you to bring your car with you. However, the process is quite challenging since all cars do not meet import standards. From bans on certain types of cars to strict emission regulations, there are several laws that may prevent you from bringing your car into the country. Fortunately, cars that have been manufactured for the states or the Northern American market are easier to import than cars from overseas since many cars manufactured for Europe and other countries cannot be modified to comply with Canadian standards. Read More 

Divorcing A Cheating Spouse: The Grounds For Filing & How A Lawyer Can Help

Are you tired of your cheating spouse refusing to sign divorce papers? You can hire a lawyer to help you through the situation because you can still move forward with a divorce in Canada when a spouse does not agree with it. In this article, you learn about the grounds for filing a divorce and how a lawyer can help you come out on top. What are the Grounds for Filing a Divorce? Read More